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University of Ilorin was established in 1975, and the sports unit was created under the student affairs office and Mr. Gbajabiamila was the officer in charge of sports. In 1976, the University made her first appearance as an observer at the 6th edition of the Nigeria University Games Association held at University of Ibadan. In 1980, the University Sports Committee was established under the Chairmanship of Professor Yoloye and Mr Sunday Sinkaye was appointed the Secretary, a position he held from 1980 to 1996. Other notable chairmen of the sports committee were Prof. Owolabi Professor L. Emiola; and Prof. A. E. Ogunsakin.

The University of Ilorin under the Chairmanship of Prof. Ogunsakin won the hosting right for the Nuga Game in 1992 after the University of Calabar had hosted the 13th edition of the game in 1990.

In 1995 the University Council approved a Sports Council and a Sports Directorate  structure under the Vice-Chancellor’s office. The terms of reference was as set below:

  • To give policy direction and advice the Vice Chancellor on the University Sports programmes.
  • To establish guidelines for the purchase and maintenance of sports facilities and equipment.
  • To formulate policies for promotion of sports in the university community and encourage participation in other sporting events.
  • To make budget proposals and other financial matters to the Vice-chancellor.
  • To recommend appointment, promotion and discipline of  staff to the Vice-chancellor
  • To consider other matters referred to it by the Vice-Chancellor.

The composition of the sports council membership for two years, in the first instance, comprised:

  1. Vice-Chancellor’s nominee                                         -           Chairman
  2. Registrar’s representative                                            -           Member
  3. Bursar’s representative                                                -           Member
  4. Dean of Students affairs                                              -           Member
  5. Director of Works’ representative                               -           Member
  6. Director of University Health Services                       -           Member
  7. Head, Department of Physical and Health Education -           Member
  8. The most senior Coach of the University                    -           Member
  9. Representative of Faculty of Education                       -           Member
  10. One representative of Congregation                             -           Member
  11. One person representing the Congregation                   -           Member
  12. Two persons representing the University community   -          Member
  13. One representative of Alumni                                        -           Member
  14.  One representative of Kwara State Sports Council       -           Member
  15. Two representatives of Student Union                            -           Member
  16. Director of Sports                                                            -           Secretary