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Infrastructural Developments

Sports Infrastructural Development in the University of Ilorin

In 1980 when the University sports committee was established the university had a football field and a sport hall (gymnasium) for use at the mini-campus (temporary site) of the university. The university relied heavily on the Kwara State Sports Council Stadium to argument the sports life of the university.

In 1990 when the University of Ilorin won the hosting right for Nuga 1992, it became necessary to step-up and improve the unilorin sports infrastructure. The then Vice Chancellor Prof A. Adeniyi approved and awarded the contract for the construction of the Unilorin Stadium Complex at the permanent site.

The complex consists of:

  1. The main bowl – 400m track, a football pitch and gallery
  2. Two basket ball courts
  3. 4 tennis courts and
  4. A practicing football field.

With the first phase of the complex ready, the University of Ilorin hosted the 1992 Nuga games successfully in conjunction with the Kwara Stadium Complex facilities.

In 2002, Prof. Shuab Oba – the then Vice-Chancellor, awarded and added the indoor sport hall to the sports complex at the permanent site.

After the University won the hosting right for the 2011 WAUG Games, under the Vice-Chancellorship of Prof. I.O. Oloyede; the sports complex had a tremendous phase lift on all the facilities and the handball court was further added to the existing structures.

With the State of the art facilities in the Unilorin Stadium Complex, the sports life of the university has stepped-up. It has also encourage the sports council to stage many more sporting activities and infact national and state associations have severally requested to use our facilities for events. With the addition of a few more facilities – e.g. the squash court, the swimming pool and a functional sports office, the University of Ilorin will be ready to host the world.

The Future of Unilorin Sports

With the availability of the state of the art facilities, the University of Ilorin has come along way. University of Ilorin to-date has hosted Nuga Ganes (1992) and WAUG game (2012).

Opportunities are ahead to host many more games especially the WAUG Championships (e.g. TATT and Basketball/Volleyball championship, Hockey/Soccer championship. With further upgrading of our facilities, the Unilorin sports council also hopes to one day host the Africa University Games (FASU) and the World University Games (FISU).

The sports council also hopes to one-day have a full fledged sports directorate with a permanent Director of Sports, administrative building with a state of the art, as opposed to the present part-time directorate system. The sports council also hopes to be a centre for grooming of national and international world class athletes and a centre of sports excellence in the world.