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Federation of Africa University Games (FASU)

The Federation of Africa University Sports (FASU) was formed in 1974. Participation in FASU games is based on countries and not on individual institutions. Nigeria (NUGA) did not participate in the first and second editions of FASU but took part in the 3rd edition hosted by Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University. Baudu in 2004.

University of Ilorin athlete – Mr. Ajiboye A. O. (of the department of PHE) was selected with the Nuga team and he won a silver medal in 100 metres and Gold in the 4x100 metre relay.


Federation Internationale du Sports Universitaire (FISU)

The International University Sports Federation known as (FISU) stages the World University Games bi-annually. The first edition was held in 1959 in Italy. Participation in FISU is also by countries. Nigeria University Games Association (NUGA) became a member of FISU in 1970 and has been participating in almost all FIISU organised games to date. The first FISU championship was held in Beijin China in 2001. Miss Olubo Toyosi of University of Ilorin also represented Nigeria (Nuga) in the 4x400 metres relay race.

Unilorin Participation in FISU Games



Unilorin Athletes


Fukoka Japan

Miss Afolabi Olabisi – Geography Dept – Gold (400m)


Mallorca Spain

Mr. Ajiboye O.A. – PHE -  200m


Beijin, China

Miss Olubo Toyosi – BSS – 4x400m


Daequ, South Korea

Mr. Ajiboye O.A. – PHE – 100,200,m

Mr. Salami Y.A. – PHE – 400m


Tsmir, Turkey

Mr. Ajiboye O.A. PHE – 100,200m


Belgrade, Serbia

Mr. Durotoye T.- PHE – 100,4x100


Participation at Olympic Games

Two University of Ilorin athletes have also represented Nigeria at the Olympic games. They were – Mr. Durotoye. Toyi (100,200, 4x100m) and Miss Susan Ideh (Badminton). They competed for Nigeria at the Beijin Olympic Games i


Nigeria University Staff Sports Association (NUSSA)

The NUSSA games was designed to engage the staff of Nigerian Universities in a healthy competitive rivalry to enhance fitness, cooperation and integration among the workers.


University of Ilorin participated in the 9th edition of the NUSSA Games hosted by Ahmadu Bello University Zaria in 2009 and also in the 11th and 12th editions hosted by Kano state University and Uniben in 2012, 2014 respectively.

Unilorin NUSSA Games Participation



Unilorin Participation


University of Ibadan



Obafemi Awolowo University



University of Maiduguri



University of Calabar



University of Jos



University of Benin



University of Lagos



University of Calabar






ABU Zaria

4 gold, 3 silver, 5 bronze


Kano State University, Wudil

Non Participation


University of Benin

 6 gold, 8 silver, 4 bronze – 7th position


Participation in Intra-mural Sports Programmes

The University of Ilorin sports unit has since inception been organizing various types of intra-mural sports for both staff and students. The intra-mural sports has been used to (1) encourage students and staff participation in sports (2) selection of athletes (staff and students) to represent the university in outside sports engagements (3) to improve the health and fitness status of members of the university community (4) to improve the cooperation and interaction between members of the community and (5) to forestall anti-social practices among students and staff.

The following intra-mural sports are played regularly over the years;

  1. Vice-Chancellor’s Interfaculty Soccer Championship
  2. Registrars’ Cup – Staff Championship
  3. Interfaculty sports festival
  4. Unilorin monthly “Walk for Life”
  5. Unilorin Marathon

The Vice-Chancellor’s Inter-faculty Soccer Champion is played yearly since inception in 1981/1982 among the various faculties

The Registrars’ cup which was designed to engage the staff was also instituted in 1981/82.

To quarantee that all other sports are also catered for, the inter-faculty sports festival was introduced in 2009 during which all others sports were contested. The inter-faculty sports festival has generated so much enthusiasm and many more students have come on board.

During the chairmanship of Prof. A. O. Nzeh, in 2010 the Unilorin “Walk for Life” programme was designed and started. The event comes up on the first Saturday of the month.

The Unilorin Marathon was first mooted in 2002 during the 25th anniversary of the University of Ilorin. The race was flagged-off by Vice Chancellor Prof. Shuab Oba Abdulkareem. It was a race designed to accommodate both young and old, staff and students, male and female.

After a short lull the Unilorin Marathon came to the fore again and has since being gaining more enthusiasts and competitors alike.

The next edition of the Unilorin Marathon will be used to commemorate the 40th anniversary and the over 15 years of unbroken academic sessions of the University of Ilorin. The University of Ilorin through the sports council has now signed an MOU with the Sovereign Campus Concept Ltd to stage the Unilorin Marathon on a yearly basis and the plan is to make the race an international event in future.